Black & white wedding reportage

I have worked on many weddings as a photographer and have been lucky to witness so much love, joy and thrill between the newly-weds and their beloved ones. I may not remember the lipstick color Gosia used on her wedding day but I will never forget the smile she had on her face when listening to her husband-to-be reading his vows. From one ceremony to another I have learned what is the most valuable to remember on those days – emotions. And they don’t come in color. Might I be right? My clients’ opinion, after receiving their black and white wedding reportage, speaks for itself:

“(…) You showed this day exactly how I dreamed about it. I can’t get over how naturally, without artificiality, you captured so much beauty in us and our close ones…”

Black and white photography lets the emotions speak

Monochrome wedding memories

If you have already started planning your wedding day, you know how complex it is. How many things you have to pick to make sure this day will be like the one you have always dreamt of. You might get overwhelmed by the amount of decisions you have to make and I am here to remind you, that you have already chosen the most important – the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And what if the sky will be a bit cloudy? What if the table napkins will come in the wrong color? What if the plants you decorated the tables with won’t be as green as you imagined? Black and white photography allows you to forget about it all.

Here’s why you can trust me with black and white wedding story

  • It helps to create a classy and sophisticated atmosphere
  • Monochrome images are timeless and unlike seasonal trends, they never go out of style
  • It brings harmony to all the elements of the wedding ceremony – the venue, guests’ outfits, dance floor lights will never look too flashy in black&white photos
  • You get perfect wedding souvenir disregarding the weather – adding just a little bit of contrast to monochrome pictures can compensate even the cloudiest sky
  • The eye catches immediately the emotions of this unique day instead of getting distracted by colorful entourage

Let me tell you with a story of this memorable wedding why black & white wedding photos have something special about them.

One Friday evening in January I drove over 3 hours to a house at the edge of the forest to meet inside a family of hearts kind and warming as a cup of hot chocolate. It was really late, I caught them tidying the place up for the big day to come.

“Sweet dreams. One more night and we will be back together. This time forever.”

On the next day I woke up to the sound of rain drops and quiet hustle in the house. The forest was humming a song and clouds were moving fast.

The sky played tricks that winter day. Once gray, it revealed some sun and brought light to go back to crying with tears cold as snow and turning roads into skating rink.

I went downstairs to meet the folks and heard the story of a terrible sickness, huge heart and even bigger love these two people share. I tried not to shed a tear and covered my face with the camera taking pictures.

Why is it worth to trust a wedding photographer working in black and white?

Because while I work in monochrome that’s when my own creativity and artistic attitude come to life. I focus not on the shades of ribbons your ballroom was decorated with but on how it made you feel to walk down that aisle. On the love you shared. The tears, looks and smiles you exchanged. Based on my wedding photographer experience, I’m sure that no matter how colorful your marriage story might be, these are the moments you want to remember the most. Of course, I don’t work with black and white photography only. If the uniqueness of a moment is created by color, I never insist on sticking to monochrome. I’m also aware that some older members of your family might prefer color wedding reportage. To meet all of your needs I’ll make sure you have a wide variety of images creating your wedding story to chose from, both in monochrome and color.

My creativity doesn’t need color to spark. Documenting weddings in black and white has always been the closest to my heart. I believe it’s the most romantic and nostalgic way of portraying feelings. I feel that, when stripped from all the additional effects, monochrome images have the power to speak the loudest about the atmosphere.

And back upstairs the Bride was getting ready with her sisters and friends. The Groom came to iron his shirt and they were both trying to stay calm. But you could feel in the air their souls yearn to each other.

Black & white portrait of a Bride

What comes to your mind when you look at a monochrome portrait like this? It brings out the memories of Hollywood golden age, with its sophisticated yet subtle divas who we still admire almost a century later. The Bride, Gosia, looks cinematic, elegant and stylish in a way that can’t be outdated. The minimalist effect seen in black and white photos elevates the touching atmosphere. Apart from documenting the beauty itself, monochrome wedding photography exposes all the emotions. Looking at the bride’s face you can almost feel how moved and happy she was.

The Bride looked like a diva and the Groom… well, he was on his way to look awesome too 🙂

Let’s put on that dress and get this party started!

Getting closer…

and here comes the Bride…

Two families united.

There’s always a good time for wine.

Time to get in that cool old BMW and get to the church. It rains, but it doesn’t matter. We’re still having fun.

“Nothing actually matters anymore but the fact that we are inseparable now.”

Ok, let’s do this!

And the party follows…

Venue: Pałac w Komierowie