Napa Valley wedding – The most beautiful wedding vow

To the glamorous wedding of Colleen and Brian in Yountville I drove by car all the way from Los Angeles through Pacific Coast Highway no 1. It was a dream true to finally see all those locations from Big little Lies HBO series, like Big Sur, the breathtaking cliffs over the ocean and experience this amazing roadtrip adventure with my partner. The landscape started to change a bit, the closer we got to Napa Valley and turned into golden meadows and vineyard hills bathed in hot summer sun. The couple of dentists (they met at work, she was his assistant, how romantic is that!?) threw their wedding in The Vintage House, a beautiful open air glamorous Napa Valley wedding venue.

This romantic couple took the time to prepare for the wedding separately, girls and guys in their own apartments. As Colleen was having her beauty time, she received a secret card from her husband-to-be. The cover said “I’m gonna marry the shit outta you!“. I could notice Colleen smiling and crying softly, trying not to ruin the make-up. Nobody but the Bride could see what her beloved wrote to her, but to me, this card was the most romantic thing. Whenever I have a chance I want to tell that to someone I love, I though. At that moment, I felt it would be the most touching Napa Valley wedding I have ever seen.

The wedding ceremony took place in a garden and was run by Groom’s father. Around their closest family, friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen, The Bride and Groom read to each other handwritten vows. You could see they came straight from their hearts. In this beautiful wedding venue in Napa Valley tears were running down their cheeks and every few sentences everybody was bursting with laughter. They were honest and emotional, romantic and real, funny and factual – exactly how a wedding vow should be. I got your back if you’re looking for a guide to write your own marriage vow. And below is the example of the most personal and moving Groom’s wedding vow.

The most real, romantic and moving wedding vow at Napa Valley destination wedding

“From this day forward, I Brian, choose you Colleen. I choose you to be my woman. My wife. For now and for always. To stand by your side and have you sleep in my arms.  To be the shoulder on which you lean, the rock on which you rest, and the food for your soul. To not only grow old with you, but to grow WITH you, each and every day of our lives. I walked to this place to meet you today. And we shall walk away together, hand in hand, as husband and wife.

I choose you Colleen, because I love you. 

I love you because you love your family and friends just as fiercely as I love mine. 

I love you because you’re beautiful, passionate, caring, and kind….that is, unless you’re hungry. 

I love you because I will never have a bad day, as long as the day begins and ends next to you. 

I love you because you’re the only one I want to stare at my phone next to in bed. 

I love you because your goofiness knows no limits and never ceases to surprise me. 

I love you because you challenge me, you frustrate me, yet you love me and you spoil me in ways no other person can. 

I love you because you are my emotion when it’s hard for me to feel and my compass when I can’t find my way. 

I love you because you can put away a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in one sitting as if your life depended on it..

I love you, because although we are both not perfect, we are perfect for each other. You know me better than anyone else, you acknowledge my strengths and accept my faults, and you still love me unconditionally. 

Sometimes I actually wonder what you see in me…other than my stunning good looks. Razor sharp wit. My excellent credit score. My amazing driving skills. I really don’t know, but I do know I’m so lucky to be loved by you.

So Colleen, because I choose you, I promise you this:

I promise I’ll make you laugh even when you don’t want to.

I promise to listen to your advice, and occasionally take it. And to someday even let you win an argument.

I promise not to mix your whites with your darks.

I promise to not stop believing, and to hold on to this feeling.

I promise to like all your instagram photos in a timely manner and to update my facebook status to “married” 

I promise to tell you what clothes you can pull off and be completely honest when it’s just not working.. 

I promise to watch football for a few hours every weekend to give you time to relax and pamper yourself. 

I promise to take care of you and love you the best way I know how. I will give you your space when you need it and pull you close when you need me.

I promise to make your dreams mine, to encourage you, to inspire you, to cherish you, and to hold your hand every chance I get.

I won’t promise that it will be easy, because nothing worthwhile ever is, but I promise that I will be with you, catching you when you fall, and trusting your support when I stumble.

I promise to always protect you and to provide you comfort when you want comfort.

I promise that you will always count. You will always come first, and of course, if for whatever reason you don’t, I will buy you chocolate.

I promise that if you have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, I’ll be standing there, shoulder-to-shoulder with you, because whatever you face, we will face it together.

I promise to always fight for you and to pursue you, even when we’re old, gray, and wrinkly. (I’m almost to that point.)

But most of all I promise to never ever stop loving you for as long as we both shall live. 

Because standing here today, I can tell you without any uncertainty, that I did, I do, and I always will, choose you.”

Are you all crying with me now? Take a full dip into this beautiful and emotional glam wedding in Napa Valley by scrolling down.

Venue Vintage House, Yountville, CA

Event planner Your event by Erin

Second shooter Karolina Zaworska

Photographed for The Snap Shots

PS. The newlyweds replied to me after viewing the photographs:

Brian “You did a fantastic job of capturing the emotions of the day. It’s amazing to re-live it all through these photos. Thank you so much for sharing our day with us.”

Colleen “Wow!! These are absolutely amazing Natalia. Love the tones and colors you used and the black and whites. It’s really cool to see this day through your eyes now. I think we will have to have you do another photoshoot next time you come out here. The pictures turned out SO beautiful! You did an amazing job capturing our wedding, especially all the emotions from all of us! It’s exactly what I wanted – to be able to relive it all and see what we missed… like I’ve jokingly asked Brian, “could we do it all over again?” Ah, this album is perfect!”

Napa Valley wedding photographer

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