Two Brides at Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Organizing a bay area same sex wedding? You just found yourself an openhearted, emotional wedding photographer.

On the top of windy Twin Peaks in San Francisco I had the pleasure to photograph a same sex couple, Devon and Christine. I’m so happy that there are places like California, where same sex marriage is possible! Let love win! 🙂 I wish the whole world was open to that, as I know how hard it is to have a normal life for non-binary people in a relationship, to use for example the social and legal privileges or to start a family. Fortunately there are more and more countries that allow same sex marriage so fingers crossed it will spread all around one day. I wish to spread with my photography this universal idea of not judging and putting labels on people, of allowing everybody be who they want to be, love who they want to and get married however they dream of!

While I have this picturesque, same-sex couple love story from San Francisco here to illustrate the question many people ask me, let me feed your curiosity:

Why do you photograph couple portraits at sunset?

This after wedding photo session was taken at sunset. Around the time, when on a sunny day the sun goes really low and right behind the horizon, we can experience an amazing light effect called the golden hour. With very soft, multicolored light the sky and the landscapes become a beautiful background of pictures, like here the Twin Peaks hills over San Francisco. Also thanks to the diffused light, faces and silhouettes look better than on a bright noon with many shadows and contrast. The lazy star gives us around 1,5 hour of perfect conditions to shoot picturesque photos outside. I also love the moment when it gets almost dark and we can only see the bits of light over the horizon. In these few last minutes of dimmed ambient light I shoot the most intimate portraits and wide angle minimalist photographs of the couple.

Photo session in the early morning for adventurous couples

I encourage wild soul and adventurous couples like me to wake up and meet for an engagement or wedding photo session in the early morning. We find similar effect to golden hour at sunrise, but the sun wakes up way faster and becomes very bright after a short period of time. What I love is the morning fog and unpredictable light conditions that inspire my creativity. Sometimes we find strong rays of sun striking through the trees and sometimes we have a soft, cloudy light creating this magical, unreal mo for a romantic photo shoot. We usually leave for the photo session when it’s still dark and what we encounter is a surprise.

Take a look on another after wedding sunset photo session I did at Twin Peaks in San Francisco, California.