Rustic wedding in Champéry, Switzerland

Reading vows in the mountains, marching with the band through a cute rustic Swiss town, first dance in the clouds? That’s a way to elope!

It’s amazing, how a year later I still have chills and feel like crying when I go through this story. I have never felt so emotional about a wedding as that day.

First dance in the terrace of a hotel in Champery, Switzerland. Just married happy couple in Swiss Alps.

Magical elopement in Alpes mountains

I drove to Champéry by car from Poland. I love road trips and I couldn’t deny myself this adventure elopement in Swiss Alpes. On a night before this rustic wedding there was a barbecue up in the mountains and serenade singing. The ceremony took place in clouds, on a mountain peak. It was freezing cold (in summer!), but we were all warmed up with emotions. Filled with singing, speeches, poem reading and reminiscences. After exchanging vows and rings, the Bride & Groom started spontaneously dancing and so it continued as they went back down to the town. All guests marched with them joyfully bouncing and sharing the happiness with whole rural Champéry. Then another part of the day started – dinner with even more emotional speeches from friends, family and last, but not least the Bride and Groom. It finished in a piano lounge room with their friend playing and singing a lovely tune.

It was an Alpes elopement filled with magic and love. There was no moment that day when my eyes was dry. I hope those images express all that.

M and T – thank you a thousand times for letting me play a part in your story.