September Song – one song, many meanings

Three years ago I took on a personal project of self exploration and expression.

I invited myself to move intuitively to the same song, every morning for ten days.

It was a part of a bigger, longer process of waking up my intuition, learning about my body, marrying the physical and the incorporeal.

On one of these days, the day I felt dedicated to continue this project, I noticed a titmouse watching me dance over the window. I thought it was injured so I wanted to help him.

He didn’t fly away when I came very close, but he did when I wanted to capture him.

Later I learned that titmouse is a symbol of open, joyful and free self-expression, truth, honesty, courage and higher connection to the mind, intuition and perception. It can uncover the secrets in the depth of our minds, discover the truth in the darkness of subconsciousness, awake understanding of massages coming from the highest „I”. It attracts attention with his loud singing, he’s a teacher of acting and communication with yourself and the world. He’s teaching how to tell the truth without hurting, but curing, opening and bringing balance into one’s world. They remind you that the real inner strength doesn’t come from outside. It comes from joy, being open to the world and other and deep understanding of yourself.

Two years after that, in a wild roar, I gave birth to my daughter.

Later I learned that this song was playing in that exact moment.

This is “September Song” by Agnes Obel.


I could tell you that this project became a story about freedom of expression, letting go of any inner limitations, of falling and rising over again, variety of emotions we experience each day, etc. But I prefer that you find your own meaning to this image, your own understanding. Maybe what you see resonates with you. If yes, I’d be happy to hear about your interpretation and feelings.