Two years ago on a full moon

We’ve spent the last days of the 2017 year in our friend’s wooden cottage by the river. We took photographs and that was the last time I used my old medium format Hasselblad. I’ve just stumbled upon the scans and got reminded of this memorable moment.
We’ve danced naked, we kept ourselves warm by the small fireplace, we’ve written our dreams on postcards to see if they become true in a year. Then we went back home late at night and Marta made a poke tattoo of a cute butt on my ribs. It says “naked and happy”.
It was the full moon that night of the 1st of January, so we waited for the culmination moment and meditated with the most shiny, blinding with light, cold white moon. During those few minutes of silence the voice in my head said something that has changed my life forever.

“If I’m ready give me love.
If I’m not, give me a lesson.”

A month later I met Y. and received all the love in the world.