Still images appeared to not be enough.
Here are my short films, music clips and fashion videos.

A free interpretation in intuitive movement of September Song by Agnes Obel
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Emotional wedding film inspired by the song “Gdzie jest ta miłość” / “Where is this love” by Prusinowski Kompania

“Motherhood is a lifetime adventure” for Yellow Meadow |
Written, directed, read and by Nat Kontraktewicz |
Song “Tysiąc” by Misia Furtak (Hania Rani Rework)

Intimate love story at home

M8N – After The Storm
Written, directed and edited by Nat Kontraktewicz
Glitched by Smutazos
Music by M8N (played and recorded live on AKAI MPC LIVE 14.12.2018 Warsaw, Poland)
Thanks to Olga Kalicińska, Adam Podniesiński, Piotr Andrzejewski, Stanisław Kamionka

M8N – Żyły
Nominated for DOKI 2019 award
Written, directed & edited by Nat Kontraktewicz
Starring Agnieszka Gąsiorek
Thanks to Arkadiusz Glensk, Tadeusz Kochman, Dominik Cudny, Marcin Gołąb, Olga Kalicińska, Adam Podniesiński

MAKO campaign
Video and Photography by Nat Kontraktewicz
Music “Glass” by Hania Rani
Model Joli / Milk
Styling Olivia Kijo
MUA Agnieszka Wilk
Studio Moonshot / Warsaw

Snap Camp promo video
Film by Nat Kontraktewicz
Music by M8N

Short love story, backstage from a photoshoot
Film by Nat & Marcin Kontraktewicz
Thanks to Ola and Kuba