Intimate couple home photo session and film

As an addition to an intimate photoshoot, I have created a short intimate couple video at home of these adorable and crazy in love girls spending time together. Watch 3 minutes of cuteness overload below. And if you’re searching for a discrete photographer to capture emotional pictures of you and your beloved or create a short intimate couple music clip – say hi and let’s create something beautiful together!

Couple at home – intimate couple photography

In home, intimate photoshoot is my favorite way to capture love between two people. It’s very obvious that we feel most comfortable in our house, where space around us is cosy, close to us, hides memories. Also our bed is the place we spend most of the time and where… we make love, which is the most intimate way we can be with someone. That’s why I came up with this name of bed stories – “intimate intruder”. Because yes, I am an intruder in your private world, but if you trust me we can create something beautiful out of this encounter. I cherish and respect those moment I am let into someone’s bedroom. I never ask my couples to do anything out of their comfort zone. I go for natural poses, freedom and try photographing candid emotions between lovers. That’s how my couples photo sessions looks like. It’s a little bit of awkwardness, shyness that turns into loving gestures, unique closeness, gentleness… You cannot imagine how many couples told me that afterwards they bonded even more with each other. Because these phto sessions are not only couples photos but a real emotional experience. You should try on yourself!

How much time an couple photo session at home can take?

Couple session is very quick, painless and takes around an hour. I like to make use of those first moments of photo session when a couple opens up, but not make the in home photoshoot last too long, otherwise people tend to get… bored 🙂 I usually deliver about 20-30 pictures, but they sometimes rise up to 100 if there is fire and chemistry and my models are very open in my couples photography world. When it comes to the video, it lasts 3 minutes and it took us around half an hour to shoot the material for this intimate, funny motion picture.

Indoor photoshoot – idea for pre & after-wedding photos

Wether it’s an engagement photoshoot or after-wedding session, making it at home will be a very universal, easy and comfortable way to capture your love on pictures. Wen its in home photo session you can wear your favorite jeans (or nothing at all! :)), stay in bed the whole morning and cuddle without being stressed about the weather or if anyone is watching. According to my philosophy of photographing lovers in natural unposed way, you can be sure, that I will capture your authentic love and the way you are with each other. Don’t worry if your apartment is not big enough or stylish enough. During intimate photo session I will make use of a small corner by the window, a mattress or a couch. In this indoor photoshoot we have used a bright loft interior, Moonshot.

Let love flourish and use the option of intimate sessions for couples in my studio or in your home.

Here’s what the girls thought after their couple photoshoot:

“(…) We didn’t expect such ease and freedom in front the camera. And along with it great effects of the photoshoot – just us being natural. Us as people, our authenticity and the feelings we share with each other. It was an amazing experience. Nat left us the freedom and space. After this intimate photoshoot we were filled with joy and closeness. We got brought closer than ever and we believe that all couples should try that, having at the same time a great memento as beautiful photographs for your whole life.”
Video and pictures by Nat Kontraktewicz – love and couple photographer
Music: Russo & Weinberg