The Lazy Olive Villa – Tuscany wedding

It was one of the hottest days in Italy. Not only because of the time of the year, but also because these two heated up the temperature with their huge love – two wonderful lovers who got married in Tuscany.

Wedding in Tuscany. Sunset over toscana. The Lazy Olive Villa, Asciano, Italy. Happy bride and bridesmaids in Tuscany.

Romantic Tuscany wedding

The whole wedding celebration was composed of smaller parts and all together created a memorable day for all of the guests. Nina & Alex started with preparations, which took place around the Lazy Olive Villa, one of the most beautiful Tuscan wedding villas, to then get officially married in Museo dell’Antica Grancia e dell’Olio in Serre di Rapolano. Minutes before the first look, Nina was walked by her mother to Alexis waiting higher up with his mum. And seconds before they finally met, yours truly (yes, me), wait for it… landed her bum on a cactus. Ba-dum tsss! You could hear a sigh of pain all around as everybody reacted empathetically 😉 We continued as if nothing happened, although it took me a couple of days to get rid of spikes in my body (no more moonwalking, Nat!). It wasn’t the only reason why this wedding day in Tuscany would be extraordinary.

Golden hour photoshoot in Tuscany by wedding photographer Nat Kontraktewicz

After the joyous ceremony we took some family pictures around historical walls from XIII century. It was a quiet, peaceful tiny square with a soul from the past. I have no words to describe how beautiful those little Tuscan towns are. Tuscany is a great place for a dream like wedding. A short break after, Nina & Alex got married again. Yes, again. Because why not? 🙂 This time by opening their hearts, reading vows and expressing their love in the most sincere way. Bride and groom soaked in the afternoon sun highfived, fist bumped and kissed passionately! They marched with the band for cocktails to the old tuscan villa and started of a celebration. The music was so inviting that nobody could resist the need of moving their feet and so they danced in the setting sun, wild, free, happy… I kidnapped the couple for a ten minute after wedding photo session in last rays of the golden light. Nina looked Alex straight in the eyes, the world stopped for a second and I could see their affection burst. ‘I love you‘ she said quietly and they kissed. That moment was so beautiful in its simplicity that it made me cry. I’m a sucker for such emotional moments during wedding day. Probably that is why I became a wedding photographer – to make these touching moments be remembered by my couples.

Romantic wedding in Toscana, Italia. Bueatiful bride and groom during wedding shoots captured by Nat Kontraktewicz tuscany wedding photographer

The Lazy Olive Villa – magical Tuscany wedding venue

As the evening came we all sat at dinner. The food in The Lazy Olive was amazing and so are the owners of this magnificent tuscan wedding venue, who put all their hearts into setting the tables, preparing the meals (you can see Daniela and Malcolm decorating the wedding cake on a picture way below). In the night the “just married” couple danced to some Serbian music and everybody joined them on the dancefloor. I was there for just an hour but it was freaking crazy!

Wedding in Tuscany – is it worth it?

If you’re ever wondering if it’s worth it to go to Tuscany to get married I say HELL YES! The landscapes are breathtaking, everybody is chilled and happy from eating a lot of gluten and drinking wine, the weather is kind, the architecture inspires. If you looking for a magical, extraordinary Tuscan wedding venues – you just found it. Lazy Olive Villa is a cosy villa, perfect for an intimate, small wedding in Tuscany. So if you plan to organize your wedding in Tuscany, remember to take me with you as your wedding photographer! 🙂

Huge thanks to Nina & Alexis for inviting me to be a part of this romantic story and their beautiful Tuscan wedding. It was an unforgettable, emotional experience, a challenge and a undeniable pleasure.

Tuscany wedding photographer – Nat Kontraktewicz
Wedding venue – The Lazy Olive Villa in Asciano, Tuscany, Italy
Dress – Warsaw Poet
Videographer – Sergio / 4events
Ledon “True Love” – Twórczywo