Sun soaked engagement in Barcelona

Intimate, romantic, home engagement photosession. Loving couple close up. Cheeck to cheeck

– she said to me with pure fascination of a little girl.

What I saw was her deep blue eyes shining with endless love for him and his hands around her that gave Eliza care and feeling of safety. Soaked in morning sun, in a city waking up to face another busy day, we wandered around Born, the famous district of Barcelona, Spain. They chose to live here before getting married, following their dreams. It’s one of these stories that gives me chills. Their paths crossed in Australia and from that point nothing was impossible. On the dream map there is a life in the USA, where Sean, a talented, tough-minded chef comes from. By his side she may seem petite, yet her soul glows with pure kindness and innocence that are way beyond our comprehension. And in that morning light I could have a glimpse of how big her heart is.

Wedding photographer Barcelona – Nat Kontraktewicz

I have traveled the world long and wide and this place has a special spot in my heart. Here is a wedding I photographed in San Sebastian. Come and meet me on the road for the wedding or photo session, maybe our paths will cross for intimate elopement in Spain?