My first self-published album “TRUTH”
is now available in pre-order

“TRUTH” is an intimate book, revealing my thoughts, feelings and experiences through photography and writing. It’s as much a personal diary as it is an artbook. 

The photographs and notes presented in the album have been taken in years 2017-2024. The time frame is not accidental as it marks a huge change in my life. It ignited a beginning of a self-healing road through journaling, meditation and, for the first time since I was 16 years old, photographing freely, as opposed to conformism. 

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By ordering in pre-order you receive:

– a signed copy of the album”TRUTH” for 259pln (original price 299pln)

– a gift of 3 signed 15x23cm prints with photographs by Nat Orce

Nat Orce (Kontraktewicz) // photographer & videographer

’89 born photographer, observing the world with curiosity of a child and an open heart

I dedicated my life to capture in photographs everything that moves me – from portraiture, sensual nudity, love and human relations, to fashion, music and food.

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I create visual love stories inspired by truth and authentic emotions.

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