Turning point

I’m turning 30 today. It’s the day I’ve been anticipating my whole childhood, teenage years and young adult life. A turning point, a big event. Right?

Yet yesterday I went to bed without any expectations, no excitement. I was doing the most simple thing, rolling freshly washed socks I left on the bed before and thinking that, well… this is life now. No sweets to take to school, no big parties, no fireworks, no planning. And I’m sooo good with that. I accept getting older. A bit calmer, a bit wiser (hopefully), a bit slower, a bit more patient. I am in peace with myself, everyone and everything around me. Also I know for sure that I will always have that kid inside me. I will (hopefully) always have this curiosity, this interest in life and passion for living it fully. And the naive ideas and beliefs. Because thanks to them I will remain free of anything that can stop me from dreaming. And damn, I dream big.

May all those dreams come true one day.

Or not 😉